Science Gallery | Are we getting close?

Are we getting close? A debate on intimacy in the digital age.

January 17th. 6pm. Paccar Theatre in the Science Gallery, Dublin.

How do we find intimacy in the 21st century? Can technology help us to fundamentally fulfil our desire for connection, or are we ultimately re-programming ourselves for future loneliness?

The panel consisted of myself, Dr Jamie Saris, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Maynooth University, Dr. Kris Gowen, sexuality educator and Director of Community Engaged Evaluation at Oregon Health and Science University, and was moderated by Caroline West, Doctoral Scholar in Sexuality Studies at DCU. We discussed how technology and the digital age affect our ability to experience intimacy with the people around us, both romantic and platonic relationships, as well as how we are able to discuss intimate matters like health online. 

Watch the panel discussion here 

More information about the event here.

Science Gallery | Are we getting close?
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