RTÉ Lifestyle | Online dating

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Why was your amazing dating app match a dud in person? If you have ever tried online dating, or spoken with someone who has, you’ll know most first dates fall flat. Despite your excitement at your perfect online match, when you meet in person they can range from dull and boring to downright creepy. Though it can be a hugely successful way of meeting a partner and countless people do find a match, there are many obstacles to...

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Tages-Anzeiger | Interview

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Alexandra Bröhm Before my talk on online dating at the aha festival in Lucerne, I spoke with Alexandra Bröhm in the Tages-Anzeiger (most subscribed to newspaper in Switzerland) about how people present themselves in online dating, what they lie about, what works well in a profile, and some of the difficulties we have in finding out what people are really like from their profiles and chatting online. You can read the interview here (PDF...

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Das Magazin | Aha Festival piece

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Das Magazin is the weekly magazine of Tages-Anzeiger Alongside four other presenters from the aha festival in Lucerne, I wrote a short piece about my talk. See below for the English version. Can an algorithm choose the right partner for me? (Maybe even better than I could myself?) The short answer is – no, but the longer answer is much more complex. Dating platforms use algorithms to choose the order in which we see...

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SIGMAC talks to Hello Banter at the Beatyard Festival 2016

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Presented by the Psychology Society of Ireland’s SIGMAC group. How do we engage and interact with technology, mass media communication, art and fiction? A delve into the psychology of online dating, virtual reality, Eurovision and dance. Dr Brendan Rooney interviewed me about online dating – the good, the bad and the ugly! Read a little about Banter at Beatyard in 2016...

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Cyberpsychology and New Media: A thematic reader

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Cyberpsychology and New Media: A thematic reader is a collection of research studies in the area of Cyberpsychology, all based on the major research projects undertaken by students of the MSc Cyberpsychology in IADT. I was invited to contribute part of my thesis project work to the book as one of the chapters. You can buy or find out more abut the book here. Fox Hamilton, N. & Kirwan, G. (2013). A cross cultural-comparison of deception...

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